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Meet life's complexity with clarity, calm and balance.

 Meditation made smarter.

Meet life’s complexity with clarity, calm and balance.  Evenflow delivers expertly guided meditation and mindfulness-based content and inspiring programs to help you navigate modern life.

Learn to meditate and live mindfully with over a 100 +  meditations curated by our team of expert psychotherapists, psychologists, educators and meditation teachers.

Why Evenflow? What's the difference?

In a sea of meditation and self help programs that over-promise happiness with short cuts and hacks, Evenflow's mission is take our collective experience of thousands of clinical hours with clients and distill it into wisdom that can help you build resilience. 

Whether it's  stress, depression, sleep, anxiety, relationships or career issues you're working through, Evenflow is dedicated to bringing you the critical insights to move the needle on the dial of the challenges you face everyday.

We incorporate key psychological insights into our meditations  to help you dive more deeply into your own behaviors, make more conscious choices, and apply mindfulness to stressful areas of your life.  It only takes a few minutes every day to begin to shift your perspective and start making the changes that can have lasting impact. We believe balance and well being start from the inside out. And we give you the tools to achieve it.


 Building a mindfulness practice is a personal journey. 

Whether you’ve never meditated before or you have years of experience, you have the freedom and flexibility to customize your practice.  We understand that life is evolving and so you are you.   If you're a beginner, you can start with the basics and build a strong foundation, or delve into specific subjects that speak to your immediate needs.  

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We cover every life situation within 8 categories and 39 subcategories.

Discover new meditations by teachers, new sections or take the quiz. 

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Meet our team of expert teachers

Meet our passionate, dedicated and experienced team of mindfulness meditation teachers who have a deep knowledge base in the issues and challenges that affect our lives the  most.. Learn more


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