Life is always evolving, and so are you.  

Evenflow's curriculum is designed to include the major life moments we all experience, with the belief that every person should have a conscious relationship to these moments as life evolves. And we’ve created a model that allows you to grow as your needs and circumstances change.

Just starting out? Beginner meditations are shorter in length, and focus on essential tools to give you a solid foundation on your meditation and mindfulness practice.

Already a skilled meditator? Our advanced meditations build on skill sets developed in Level 1, and include more insights to deal with complex issues. These meditations are longer, giving you more space to contemplate and integrate the subject matter.

We invite beginners to start with the Foundations series. After you have the basics down, you'll have the freedom and flexibility to customize your flow. No matter where you are in life, Evenflow gives you the tools to help you along your way.