Why Meditation?


Meditation is proven to be a powerful tool in decreasing stress and anxiety. Whatever your struggles are, daily practice can help you find calm in a (sometimes) chaotic life. When we’re able to slow down, we can stop emotionally reacting to everything around us. Practicing mindfulness creates less stress, more awareness, and gives you the flexibility to break out of old habits and patterns.


Because Evenflow combines meditation with therapeutic insights, you can learn how to bring mindfulness to stressful areas of your life. The psychology behind it helps you understand why we’re doing what we’re doing so we can make more conscious choices. That’s what leads to long term practice and lasting change.


There are all kinds of proven benefits to meditation. Research shows it can decrease stress, anxiety and depression, pain,  and increase empathy, compassion and joy. It can also improve sleep, focus and concentration as well as increase immune function. Regular practice will help you to slow down and begin to respond to life’s challenges rather than react.