Evenflow. The Next Generation of Meditation.


Evenflow is a mindfulness meditation app designed to bring you the meditation that's right for you, right when you need it. Combining psychology and meditation, we bring a unique scientific methodology and expertise to meditation, giving everyone an experience that works specifically for them. Our curriculum helps you mindfully tackle many of the personal struggles we all experience, from job stress to relationships to personal health. 


What you can expect:
•    In-depth meditations you can integrate into daily life. 
•    Content created by a wide-ranging team of experts, each delivering material based on their professional fields.
•    Inspirational, meditative tracks composed to complement each session. The first volume is available on iTunes.
•    Intuitive features include an easy-to-use progress tracker and a simple quiz to help you discover the most relevant topics.


The idea came from a simple thought: What if there was a meditation app for people looking for a deeper, more personalized, and long-term mindfulness practice? 

From this, a small team of therapists, mindfulness teachers, and others who shared a passion for meditation formed to make this thought a reality. Over the last year, we’ve spent many hours and late nights in the studio recording teachers, dialing in specific subject matter with experts, and composing bespoke meditation music, all to create an app designed to bring you the meditation that’s right for you, right when you need it.