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Breathe through life.

Evenflow is a next generation mindfulness app combining meditation with therapeutic insights. 

Now available in the iPhone App Store!


Hi, We're Evenflow.

Designed by a handpicked team of mindfulness-based therapists, our guided meditations can help you get closer to a more conscious, less stressful, and calmer way of life.


Our Approach

The psychology behind our curriculum helps you dig deeper into your own behaviors, allowing you to make more conscious choices and bring mindfulness to stressful areas of your life.

With regular practice, you’ll also be able to improve your sense of inner balance and well-being by applying the insights into daily issues that affect you the most.

Our goal is to help you create a long term, fulfilling meditation practice.


Our Curriculum

Whether you’ve never meditated before or you have years of experience, you can find topics that apply to your own life covered by Evenflow's specialists. As we grow, we’ll continue to add meditations so you can deepen your daily practice. Here are some topics we cover:

Foundations. This series will guide you through the basic concepts of meditation and mindfulness.  

Essentials for Well-Being. An introduction to the core concepts that are cornerstones of balance, resilience and well-being.   

Health. Explore a complex variety of subjects that are critical to physical, psychological and emotional well being.

Pregnancy. Meditations that address fertility to postpartum — and everything in between.

911 Series. Short meditations to ground you in moments of meltdown.

Moving Meditations. Mindfulness meditations to practice (with your eyes open) when you are on the go.

Mindful Eating. Meditations that bring awareness, compassion, and intention to how we eat, and the emotional issues that surround our relationships to food.

Parenting & Family. Connect to yourself during your parenthood journey and strengthen your relationship to your family. Meditations for the whole family.

Career. Build skillfulness and awareness on the career front, and explore a deeper relationship to what personal success and career success mean.

Pregnancy & Infancy. Meditations to help you deepen your relationship with your growing baby by helping you to deepen your relationship with yourself.

Relationships. Strengthen, balance, and deepen our relationship to ourselves and to others. 


Listen to Sample Introductions

Get a glimpse into the Evenflow experience with a few of our introductory sessions. 


Download the Album

Dive into the expansive soundscape of Evenflow's first album: Breathe Through Life, Volume One. 

Twelve original, immersive, and multi-dimensional meditation tracks are presented here to help you in your practice, calm your day, or simply relax your soul. Swelling strings, echoes of distant guitar tones and luscious multi-faceted keyboard environments all come together in a spacious and resonant collection of songs. Written, recorded and produced over a twelve-month period in Los Angeles, California.


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