About Evenflow


Who We Are

Evenflow is a mindfulness & meditation company that helps you take your practice into daily life. We incorporate key psychological insights into our meditations to help you dive more deeply into your own behaviors, make more conscious choices, and apply mindfulness to stressful areas of your life.

Evenflow offers daily support with our unique meditation app, custom programs for companies and schools, and one on one mentoring.


Why Evenflow? What's the difference?

In a sea of meditation and self help programs that over-promise happiness with shortcuts and hacks, Evenflow's mission is to take our collective experience of thousands of clinical hours with clients, and distill it into wisdom that can help you build resilience.

It only takes a few minutes every day to begin to shift your perspective and start making the changes that can have lasting impact. Whether it's stress, depression, sleep, anxiety, relationships or career issues you're working through, we are dedicated to bringing you the critical insights to move the needle on the dial of the challenges you face everyday.


Get a glimpse into Evenflow with a sample of a few of our meditations.


A personal note

“Evenflow is a small dedicated team of professional therapists, psychologists, mindfulness educators and meditation teachers who share the same goal: getting you through life’s daily challenges in a more conscious and mindful way.

I started Evenflow two years ago with a strong  desire to create a next generation app that truly combines the benefits of meditation with the insights of psychology. In my own life, I found that simple meditation practice wasn't enough and I wanted more tools at my fingertips. I searched high and low for therapists and psychologists who not only meditate but intimately understand the psychology of change and Evenflow was born.

Practicing meditation has been scientifically proven to decrease stress, depression and anxiety. At Evenflow we believe that applying mindfulness tools but also insights in specific meditations can give you an even deeper connection to your practice. 

Each one of our teachers has come to meditation and mindfulness through their own individual journey and have expertise in unique areas. We invite you to explore different meditations and teachers to discover who resonates with you. Getting through life is tough enough. You don't have to do it alone.”   


Mark Meyuhas, Founder & CEO, Evenflow Founder, Entrepreneur. Successful founder of nationally renowned, award winning post production facility, Lime studios, as well as a restaurateur of nationally acclaimed restaurant Tasting Kitchen in Venice, CA.