Who We Are

Evenflow is a small dedicated team of professional therapists, psychologists, mindfulness educators and meditation teachers who share the same goal: getting you through life’s daily challenges in a more conscious and mindful way.

Started by founder and CEO Mark Meyuhas, Evenflow began with Mark's desire to create a next generation app combining  the benefits of meditation with the insights of psychology.  Beyond a daily meditation practice, Mark felt strongly that in order to live more mindfully, we need more tools at our fingertips.  Tools that create change through awareness. 

Practicing meditation has been proven to be a powerful way to decrease stress, depression and anxiety. At Evenflow we believe that applying mindfulness tools in specific meditations can give you an even deeper connection to your practice. 

Each one of our teachers has come to meditation and mindfulness through their own individual journey and have expertise in unique areas. We invite you to explore different meditations and teachers to discover who resonates with you. Getting through life is tough enough. You don't have to do it alone.

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