Evenflow Corporate Tiered Offerings

With our team of expert teachers, we are uniquely positioned to help you create a strong foundation to live and work more mindfully through a thriving meditation practice. Contact us to find out how we can collaborate with you and your company to help you with your specific needs.


*Group discount for company to purchase Evenflow APP use for all employees

Our unique app with over 150 meditations helps users to solidify their skills and deepen their practice on their own time or in conjunction with our corporate workshops and mentoring programs.


* Customized workshops that can be led online or in person by our expert teachers. Subjects include but are not limited to:

Introduction to Mindfulness

Decreasing Stress 

Increasing Focus & Productivity

Reducing  Anxiety 1 & 2

Performance Anxiety:  Working with Deadlines

Building Resilience 

Making Time for Self Care & Setting Limits

Finding Balance in High Pressure Environments

Mindful Communication with Colleagues

Social Anxiety

Mindful Eating & Mindful Body

Improving Sleep

Digital Detox


* One to One Mentoring Program

In an individualized online mentorship session, you can work one on one with Evenflow teachers to get personalized mentorship and guidance to deepen  and solidify your meditation practice, work with specific issues, and learn how to integrate mindfulness practice into your life.  Your meditation mentor can help you develop a personalized program of meditations in the app to explore the specific areas you want to work on and help you stay accountable to your mindfulness and meditation goals.


Please contact us to help you  design a custom program that fits your company.


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