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Evenflow is committed to creating change through education and conversation in a variety of platforms.  

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 Ashley Graber will be presenting at the Wisdom 2.0 Conference Friday, February 23rd in San Francisco. 

Our Curriculum Director and Meditation Teacher Ashley Graber will be sharing her personal journey towards finding resilience.  


Ian Hoge will be teaching an Introduction to Mindfulness @ Lululemon, Centruy City, March 15th

Join Meditation Teacher and AMFT Ian Hoge as he shares the essentials to wellbeing in his introduction to Mindfulness class.


 Mindful Body / Mindful Eating Series Sunday, April 29th @ Lime Studios, Santa Monica. 2:30-4:30p

In an age where social media floods us with thousands of curated images and lifestyles to compare ourselves to every day, how can we break away from the tyranny of self improvement, perfectionism and an unhealthy  fixation on controlling our bodies---and  towards a genuine  ethos of self compassion and self care?

Join us for a special event featuring our team of mindful body image and mindful eating experts Amanda Gilbert, Cori Rosenthal and Lauren McMeikan and learn how to integrate mindfulness tools, meditation and powerful insights that can help redefine your relationship to your body image, your eating habits and your understanding of well being and self acceptance.

Cori Rosenthal, MA, LMFT, Mindful Eating Expert

Amanda Gilbert, Meditation Teacher, Mindful Eating Expert

Lauren McMeikan, MA, AMFT, Intuitive Eating Educator