Additional Services

Not Just an App

Evenflow offers a variety of highly customized programs including one-on-one online meditation mentorship, corporate programs, school curriculum, workshops, and events in addition to our app.

With our team of expert teachers, we are uniquely positioned to help you create a personalized foundation to live more mindfully through a thriving mediation practice. Contact us to find out how we can collaborate with you, your company or school to help you live a more balanced life. 

The Services


Mindfulness Mentoring

In an individualized online session, you can work one-on-one our Evenflow teachers to get personalized mentorship and guidance to deepen your meditation practice. Work with specific issues and learn how to integrate mindfulness practice into your life. Your mentor can help you develop a personalized program of meditations in the app to explore the specific areas you want to work on and help you stay accountable to your goals.


Corporate Programs, Events & Workshops

Evenflow can create events and workshops in partnership with your company to introduce the basics of mindfulness and meditation or they can be easily customized to address specific issues and themes such as Mindful Body Image or Mindful Eating to Reducing Stress and Anxiety  in the Workplace or Increasing Focus and Productivity. Contact us to see how we can create a customized event or workshop for your specific needs.


Mindfulness in Schools: Workshops and Curriculum 

Create a mindful curriculum for students, teachers, staff and parents. From preschool to university level, our Evenflow team of expert teachers and therapists have years of experience creating curriculum, language and programming that corresponds with students’ emotional, social and cognitive development. These programs can be purchased separately or as a complete program.